About Haverford Capital

Why Choose Haverford

Haverford Capital Advisors is a specialized financial consulting firm dedicated to serving the business valuation and transaction advisory needs of middle-market
companies. Founded in 1994, Haverford Capital Advisors provides industry expertise, market knowledge, and professional insight in delivering business valuation and transaction advisory services throughout the United States.

How does Haverford differentiate itself from the competition?

Direct Involvement of Senior Staff in Every Project:  We are a small, exclusive group of experienced and educated professionals focused on delivering the best possible service.  Each and every business valuation or transaction advisory project is led by one of Haverford’s senior staff members.

Transaction Advisory and Business Valuation Services: Due to Haverford’s unique focus on providing both business valuation services and transaction advisory services, each of our clients benefits from our real-world transaction experience and our academic-based valuation expertise.

Well-Established Professional Reputation:  Every member of the Haverford team serves our clients with the utmost integrity.  We earn our clients’ trust through open and honest communication on every project and through avoidance of conflicts of interest.

Long Track Record of Success:  Since its founding in 1994, Haverford Capital has had a tremendous record of achievement through the successful completion of over 3,000 separate projects.  Haverford’s Managing Directors each have over 25 years of individual experience providing transaction advisory and business valuation services to middle-market companies.