Healthcare Industry Expertise

Hospitals and Clinics

Healthcare systems, including their hospitals, physician clinics, and ancillary operations, must constantly evolve to meet the needs of their local communities and the changing healthcare landscape.  Some healthcare systems are selling operations and assets, seeking to raise cash, while other systems are buying operations and assets, seeking to provide one-stop service.  All systems are doing their best to survive and prosper in an environment which historically has seen a paradigm shift to the outpatient setting but which currently is anticipating the construct of ACO-type units in response to healthcare reform.  A new focus on quality and productivity measures has impacted compensation in a manner which has placed a renewed emphasis on structuring professional services arrangements in a compliant and fair market manner.  Haverford Healthcare Advisors can provide the valuation advisory and transaction advisory services which will help you achieve your objectives in a supportable and compliant manner.

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